Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sling Couture Face Mask

Okay, I get that you want to use those face masks when you're in an area with alot of sick people (i.e. the hospital, the doctor's office). But why would you buy velvet, cheetah, or sequin print ones to use daily? Ever? Sure, I know what some of you are thinking: what if they're the sick person? If they're sick, they should just stay home. Plus, if you are gonna pay 10 bucks for ONE mask, maybe you should go to the psych ward of a hospital just in case. Oh, and it doesn't say that its machine washable or washable at all, and since you should never reuse a breath mask, you're paying ten bucks to wear a face mask once.What a buy! Look stupid and waste ten bucks!I just can't figure this one out. Maybe its for those Mysophobics (aka germaphobes) who were desprately scared of the swine flu. Maybe if it came with a matching hand sanitizer holder...
Face Mask- in 10 Varieties! Face Mask in use

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Emerald Twinge

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Intro to Sky Mall Stupidity and Pickle Flavored Floss

You know we've all been thinking it: Why the heck would anyone buy this junk?? Sky Mall is filled with some of the most stupid stuff on the face of this planet. So what I'm going to do is go through Sky Mall (online) and share some of the funniest stuff with you. Hope you get a laugh out of this!


Our first item looks like it belongs in a joke store: Pickle, Salad, and Cupcake flavored floss. Now the cupcake one I get: you get a flavor of floss that's sweet enough that your kids actually want to use it. But Pickle?? Ew. That's exactly the type of floss I want! After brushing my teeth with mint toothpaste, I can make my mouth disgusting by using Pickle Floss! Yay! (Also available in Salad flavor.) The description on Sky Mall says it would be "tasteful additions to holiday stockings." Yeah, sure. Every little kid's dream. (" Ooh, look, Mom! Santa gave me floss! And it tastes like SALAD!!!") If you would like to buy this item as a joke, go to Pickle/Salad/Cupcake Floss . (Or if you are pregnant and reeeeeeeeally want to have some pickle floss.)

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Gleamed Winter